Data Cloud

The power of a server. With you everywhere.

New innovations in technology have allowed new paradigms in computing. One of the biggest and most significant is cloud-first data and account management. With cloud-first services, you’ll pay a small monthly fee for someone else to purchase, run, and maintain the server equipment that was previously on premises.


Carpenter Organizing his Tools

The expertise of dozens in the conversation of one.

Many technology vendors will offer managed services, but rarely do they offer all-encompassing plans. Rather than working from the outside and leaving you on your own with new technology vendors for different applications, we integrate with your company to take ownership of these relationships to make sure they are delivering exactly the service you need, all without any hassle on your part.


The support you need when you need it.

We offer a 24/7 remote support desk for any and all of your service needs. This service desk can handle most of your common issues around the clock and when you need more in depth support, we can deploy an agent to your office to help you hands-on.


Toy  plane with remote control

Proactive maintenance before you know you need it.

How do you know when your systems aren’t functioning properly? By the time you do, it’s too late! We constantly monitor all of your systems for any potential issues that may arise and work to address them before you ever know there’s a problem. This leads to greater uptime for you and less time trying to find work arounds for your team.


Lines Of Code

Daily scans decrease the threat to your business.

The web is crawling with bad actors attempting to steal your data and load your machines with malware which can wreak havoc on your business. To help prevent this, we deploy sophisticated endpoint protection leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning and constantly updated virus and malware definitions to keep you and your systems safe.



Confirmation that you're as secure as Fort Knox. Or a plan to get you there.

How secure is your data? We offer a broad scale security assessment to help determine exactly that and what solutions will be best to shore up your security posture.


Network Hub and Cable

Keep the darkest corners of the web from reaching your desktop.

Employees will often use company equipment to access non-work related sites which reduces productivity and increases the danger from malicious sites loaded with malware. We offer advanced web proxies to route your internet traffic through a single point which allows filtering of known malicious sites. It even allows restriction of traffic to specific sites to keep your employees on task and safe.


Working from Home

Ditch the phishers and scammers and get secure.

One of the major attack vectors for bad actors is email. Whether phishing attacks or attachments loaded with malware, our systems can detect and quarantine suspicious messages before they even reach your users.


Motherboard Installation

Learn which platforms and services will best suit your business.

How well are your products and services actually serving you? With our comprehensive technology assessment, we can let you know. We’ll take inventory of all of your products and services and determine which are actually providing value and which are costing more than they are providing. We will then develop a roadmap to move you onto the best solutions to meet your individual needs.