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Brad Lassiter

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8 Reasons to Choose LastTech to Support Your Computer Network


We Run Your IT So You Can Run Your Business. From phone systems and laptops to CRMs and password managers, we provide a full range of IT-related solutions and ensure that everything works together as it should, giving you one point of contact for all your technology needs. Our "We'll Take Care of That" support means that we will handle the 3rd party vendors and take over any resolutions or negotiations so that you can focus on what you do best.


We Operate as Your In-House IT. We work with you to understand your business and make sure that your technology solutions are built to support YOU. Not the other way around. We'll meet with you regularly to make sure that everything is on target and recommend any tweaks that will help to increase your efficiency, harden your security, or decrease your cost.


We Make Your Small Business Feel Big From a Technology Standpoint. For a FRACTION of what you would pay to a single IT guy, you get an entire team of highly skilled IT professionals dedicated to your success. That means you get all the expertise, responsiveness, and best practices that come with a whole department for less than the price of one direct IT hire.


Our Relationship Grows as Your Company Grows. As your business grows and changes, our relationship grows to match, making sure that you have the best technology and services when you need them. And when things get tough, we can reduce our service down to the essentials so you can make it through. This makes sure you get the BEST VALUE for every dollar that you spend and are able to take advantage of every opportunity that arises.


You Get Quick & Easy Support. We give you ONE phone number to call and ONE email address so that if you need help with anything IT-related, you get our support team right away and they can get your team back to work. Our team is devoted to solving ALL of your technology issues giving you back your day.


We Are Easy to Understand. We pride ourselves on being able to communicate with you in PLAIN ENGLISH. Instead of using complicated tech jargon, we help you to understand your systems so that you can make more educated decisions for your business.


We Offer True Peace of Mind. We're monitoring your systems 24/7/365 to make sure that everything is running at peak efficiency. That means we'll know there are issues before you do and we'll be able to resolve them BEFORE they become problems.


We Make it Easy to Start. We don't charge ANY onboarding fees or front-load our relationship with huge projects. We know that making changes to your company can be a big step, so we commit to making incremental changes with you and your company so that you can stay on the front edge of technology WITHOUT disrupting your business.

Managed IT Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Cloud Computing

Our solutions are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee.

Vendor Management

All the information you need at your fingertips.

Help Desk

We offer assistance with network and computer issues.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

All the Benefits of a Dedicated IT Guy Without the Full-Time Salary

Regardless of the IT problem, LastTech is our one stop shop! Having someone sort out the IT problems allows me to focus on my business which is extremely valuable. I have a single point of contact allowing streamlined communication for me and my team.

Whenever I call, they fix the problem right then and there; they also handle the other vendors so that I don’t have to which saves a ton of time and headache. LastTech provides all of the benefits of a dedicated IT guy without the full-time salary.

Alex Guerrero Surgeon-in Chief
InterTrauma Consulting
New York, NY

We Trust LastTech, There For Us And Quick To Respond

LastTech is our one stop, preferred IT vendor and has been since before we opened. Outstanding all around, but what matters most to me is their responsiveness. Whenever we need them, they are there for us and quick to respond. Our issues get solved right away which makes us feel that our business matters and we have trust.

There are lots of competent IT firms in NYC. However, if you want someone that will pick up the phone and take care of you when time is of the essence, LastTech is the best.

Jason Goodman Co-Founder
New York, NY

A Proven, Trusted Partner with a Holistic Approach

Having LastTech embedded in our firm’s day-to-day operation provides a great benefit. Brad and his staff are an integral part of our team, which provides a high level of comfort for our employees. Most importantly, LastTech is a proven, trusted partner in helping Whitehall develop successful technology strategies for our growing company.

As an operations professional, I appreciate LastTech’s holistic approach to the services they provide. I know that a recommendation from Brad is backed by his full understanding of our processes and business technology platforms, which are numerous in Investment Banking; this limits redundancy and improves efficiency across our business.

If you’re looking for a new IT firm, understand that LastTech will provide a truly integrated support structure. Having a ‘face with the name’ in your operation provides a level of accountability and comfort that is hard to find in today’s mostly outsourced market.

Justin Ryan Operations Manager
Whitehall & Company
New York, NY

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