Their Dedication to Their Clients is Unmatched

The biggest benefit of LastTech for us is that we have a team of people with different skill sets available to help with our IT needs pretty much around the clock. Beyond the day-to-day support, we also just completed a massive data migration and launched a new back-end platform and website - something we never would have been able to do as efficiently (or at all!) without the support of LastTech, who understood our system and solved problems non-stop throughout the process.

The response time we receive is fantastic. Brad and his team come up with creative solutions to fix issues that seem insurmountable. They are also always learning about new solutions and looking into fixes for issues we didn’t even know we had!

If you’re on the fence, just DO IT!  We have worked with LastTech for years and their dedication to their clients is unmatched.

Sarah Saltzberg
Bohemia Realty Group
New York, NY