A new approach to IT management

At LastTech, we approach IT differently. Through years in the industry, we noticed that many businesses deploy new technologies without giving the proper training to their employees; which leads to underutilized services and frustrated staff. Or, they attempt to avoid the headache altogether by relying on old technologies that are outdated and slow. We want to make sure that your business can steer clear of both of these scenarios by fully utilizing the best solutions available. We spend hours each day investigating new technologies and determining how they are best used to bring more value to businesses. All the benefits of modern technology without the headache of figuring out how to use it.

Businesses spend significant resources on screening, hiring and reviewing personnel. But far less time and energy is spent screening and evaluating technology purchases, even though they can often cost more and have a greater impact than a single employee. We take on that responsibility for you. Instead of investing in a technology platform that looks good at first glance, we can work with you and your business to make sure that you are using the absolute best technology available for your specific needs. No more one-size-fits-all solutions. You can have every part of your IT work optimally for you.


You've spent years studying your industry and learning how to run your business. Many IT professionals have spent years learning how to make technology run smoothly and powerfully. But the two worlds are often unable to communicate their needs and capabilities to each other effectively. We discovered that the missing piece was having someone nearby to translate between the technology world and business world and that's exactly where we fit in.

We work with you to understand your business. What are your pain points? What departments run the most smoothly? And what do you need to get to the next level? We compare these answers to our deep understanding of industry tools to find the most effective solutions for your exact needs. Then, we will implement them and make sure that your employees know how to use them effectively. The result is a happier and more productive team.

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